If you are dissatisfied with your interaction with a fundraiser or have witnessed fundraiser conduct which concerns you, you can inform this to Capll either by:

      • Emailing
      • Calling the helpline at 01282 335020 (please be advised that all calls are recorded)

Your complaint will be acknowledged no later than by the end of the next working day. We will advise you of the next steps we will take in terms of complaint investigation and resolution, and when you can be expected to be informed of our findings regarding your complaint.

As a corporate supporter of the Institute of Fundraising and long-standing provider of high volume face-to-face fundraising campaigns, we strive to minimize complaints and we investigate them promptly and thoroughly when they do arise. We adhere fully to the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice as well as the Fundraising Regulator’s Rule Books for door-to-door and private site fundraising.

We regret when any complaints are made. When they are, we do our utmost to resolve them to the complainant’s satisfaction. We also take all relevant learnings from them in order to both improve our standards of fundraising and internal processes as well as minimize the likelihood of identical or similar complaints happening again in the future.

Complaints requiring more complex investigation which may involve taking statements as well as reviewing evidence are resolved within 10 working days. However Capll resolves the majority of complaints within 5 working days.

If, unfortunately, we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, then you have the right to escalate it to the Fundraising Regulator at: